Volunteer Opportunities

MASTHEAD is an entirely volunteer effort, and we could use the support of more alumni in order to fully execute on our goals. If you are interested in helping out, check out the following roles that we are seeking to fill. This document will be updated as needs shift. If you want to help but are not sure where you’d be of most use, please email Victor Luckerson at vic.luckerson@gmail.com.

Alumni Outreach – Tracking down the thousands of alums who worked in UA student media and may want to contribute to MASTHEAD is an enormous challenge. We could use some help targeting different age cohorts, connecting old CW bylines with current email addresses, and asking individual editors if they have contact info for their former colleagues. If you’re a talented Google sleuth please contact Joseph Bryant at jdbryant391@gmail.com.

Donation Tracking – We have an ever-growing roster of donors and potential donors who we need to keep organized and eventually gather more information from as we evolve towards a membership model. We could use help with some clerical work in spreadsheets to ensure that everything is properly logged. If this is in your wheelhouse please contact Will Tucker at wjtucker1@gmail.com.

Legal Experience – MASTHEAD is seeking federal tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service, and we could use help from an attorney with experience establishing non-profits. If you are able to help, please contact Will Tucker at wjtucker1@gmail.com.

Mentorship – MASTHEAD is building a mentorship program that will pair editorial staffers at Nineteen Fifty-Fix with media professionals of color. Over the course of a year, mentors and mentees will have regular conversations conducted via phone or video chat. Shared goals between mentor and mentee will vary based on the relationship, but they could include helping a student land an internship, offering constructive criticism on a student’s work-in-progress media project, or providing broader career advice. If you are interested in being a mentor or know someone who might be interested, contact Jasmine Cannon at jcannmedia@gmail.com.